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18 / OCT / 2013 - UPCOMING RELEASE - ROBERTO AUSER TRIO - DIY SILKSCREEN PRINTING: Silkscreen prints for AUS002 are done! Expect some beautiful sleeves and posters! Order soon to get a hold of a giant-sized limited edition poster!

Visit [ www.planetausland.com ] for more occultness.

Release: November 2013
05 / OCT / 2013 - UPCOMING RELEASE - ROBERTO AUSER TRIO - VIDEO TEASER #2: The second ROBERTO AUSER TRIO video teaser has been released! Touch your fear!
View it here on Vimeo:
[ AUS002 Teaser 2 ]

[ www.planetausland.com ]

12 / SEP / 2013 - UPCOMING RELEASE W/ ROBERTO AUSER TRIO: Ausland Records presents a new album performed by the ROBERTO AUSER TRIO. The release is scheduled November this year. Stay tuned for more info and updates soon!

View the first video teaser here on Vimeo:

[ AUS002 Teaser 1 ]

[ www.planetausland.com ]

19 / MAY / 2013 - NEW LIVE & PROMO PICS, PRESS MATERIAL, FLYER & POSTER ART ARCHIVED: I've uploaded my first batch of live photos and promo pictures to my Facebook page. Among the photo albums you can also find digital copies of printed flyers and posters for live show's I've done, as well as printed press material. (i.e. interviews, band interviews, album reviews, etc.)

You can view these here:

[ online picture & photo archives ]

09 / MAR / 2013 - PLAYING ROADBURN FESTIVAL 2013 W/ NIHILL: "3 members of DODECAHEDRON are playing live at the Roadburn Festival 2013 on the Afterburner (Sunday April 21st) as part of NIHILL. There are still tickets available for this day! Have a look at the rest of the line-up here: www.roadburn.com/roadburn-2013/afterburner."

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