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The OUR OCEANS crowdfunding campaign kicked off today! Help us release our debut album by pre-ordering the debut album or grabbing yourself some merch. If you're looking for another way to help, please do us a favor and share the website or our campaign video. It really helps a ton!

For those who don't know: OUR OCEANS is a new band, featuring Noora Häkkinen on vocals, Robin Zielhorst on bass, both Tymon Kruidenier and Michel Nienhuis on guitars and Jasper Barendregt on drums."

[ www.OurOceans.net ]

[ facebook.com/OurOceans ]

01 / NOV / 2014 - RECORDING LOG - OUR OCEANS DEBUT ALBUM - STUDIO DRUM RECORDINGS: "After some delays, we finally started recording drums yesterday. At the end of the day, after setting everything up, Jasper did a wonderful one-taker of the first song. Expect some very open, airy and juicy drum sounds!"

[ facebook.com/OurOceans ]
24 / SEP / 2014 - NEW RELEASE - ROBERTO AUSER TRIO - DARKNESS WALKS VIDEO ALBUM: "We're happy to announce the release of our music movie project! AUS002DVD will be available tomorrow at Roodkapje."

Be the first to get this 20 minute art movie on DVD - a full length videoclip with pristine audio quality. Handmade and hand-numbered artwork. Very limited to 25 unique copies. For friends, aficionados and collectors!
18 / MAY / 2014 - OUR OCEANS LINE-UP COMPLETE: "OUR OCEANS now has a complete lineup consisting out of Noora Häkkinen on vocals, Tymon Kruidenier and Michel Nienhuis on guitar, Robin Zielhorst on bass and Jasper Barendregt on drums. We're entering the studio in June/July to record our debut album. Expect some dreamy, otherworldly singer/songwriter material."

[ facebook.com/OurOceans ]

07 / MAY / 2014 - MEINL CYMBALS & PERCUSSION ENDORSEMENT: I’m very proud to announce that I’m now officially endorsed by MEINL Cymbals and MEINL Percussion!
[ MEINL Cymbals.com | MEINL Percussion.com ]

"Even way before this opportunity arose, MEINL has proven to me to have an unsurpassed(!) customer support and an intense passion for sound and innovation. I love the freedom of choice, versatility and inspiration MEINL offers; and how this encourages you to play at the absolute top of your abilities."

Lots of exciting projects and shows are coming up, as well as some big fat THANK YOU's in the comment section here: [ Jasper Barendregt on facebook ]. And last but certainly not least; please feel free to ask about my experience with MEINL if you're interested at all.

10 / JUL / 2014 - UPDATES:
You can now check out my artist's page here: [ Jasper Barendregt on MEINL Cymbals.com ]

And if you're interested in my different cymbal setups, check out the follow links:
[ Mixed personal selection of MEINL Cymbals ]
[ ULSECT - MEINL Cymbals setup ]
[ DODECAHEDRON - MEINL Cymbals setup ]
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